Friday, July 3, 2009


A moose, swimming in the snake river, is our first wonder of the day. Followed by delicious breakfast at a diner in Swan Valley, after scamming bandwidth at the local RV park. We drive through the end of Idaho, and into Wyoming, the Beatles’ “Let it Be” our soundtrack, stopping for supplies, and arriving at Granite Falls in the Teton National Forest. We claim a campsite by 11:00 AM, and head up to the hot springs pool. Built by the CCC in 1933, the pool is surrounded by high mountains and a view of the valley and fast river, which I can hear outside the tent as I write.

Today is all about self-care and healing. Healing the hurt of loving and leaving, healing the exhaustion that’s plagued us for days as we’ve gotten little sleep, healing our sore bodies and mosquito bites, and finding center with each other. Our traveling vibe is so sweet: Moona commends me on my status as driver, and I commend her on being a passenger. We are in flow.

After setting up our tent in what has to be the most scenic and quiet campsite of all time, and using Spider’s ten dollahs to pay for it, we take an extended afternoon nap in the coolness of the tent. Buying the foam pad was a wise choice, as we’ve already used it a lot. Sleeping in the car last night was a little rough, and it’s definitely worth the effort to install the tent, even with the repacking necessary. The system is working, although it requires quite a bit of maintenance.

After napping until 7, we return to the pool where there are just a few remaining soakers. It is quiet and so pleasant, and we drift and dream in the warm water for an hour and a half. There is this moment for me in the pool when I realize I am totally content, and that there is no one in the world I would rather be with than Moona at that time. Such peace, and unexpected at that: how amazing the effects of sleep and warm water on the soul, and these were God today. After our second soak, we both notice that we finally feel clean. It’s been some long while since our last bath with soap, but we seem to be doing okay. Laundry will be in order soon, however. A small fire is made upon our return, and we eat cheese and crackers for dinner. Perhaps that camp stove is still in order, but who knows when we’ll come to such a store. Tomorrow is more hot springs and the Grand Tetons.

It’s funny how the spirit of movement takes over… I’ve no desire to stay too long anywhere.