Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going to California

No internet access for the past two weeks has meant no blogging. Odd, because I've found that blogging makes me more present... the witness self is more available consciously. And there's no way the magick of the past two weeks can be contained in a post, but this feels like a loose end, and so to summarize I will try, from my red couch in California.

The consistent theme of our trip has been connection. New friends, like Spider, Charlotte, Till and Charles. Old friends like Terry, Jenny, Sean. I find that my capacity to love increases with each new soul I love. And this summer has been about learning love, fo sho.

The trip from Ohio went down like this: Lothlorien in Indiana, which is the fairy sanctuary I lived in during the early 1990's... full of altars, community, trails, beads and baubles, handmade music, hula hooping, good food, shared laughing space, gardens, gifts, mosquitos chiggers ticks, rain, crystals and geodes, sharing. We spent a week or so there camping, and every time I go there (it's near Bloomington) I want to live there. Not so much when I'm not there, but somehow it draws me back again and again. Folks there live by "Keeping Each Other Alive" and it is flow and help and love. I stop wearing deodorant and embrace being hippie while there. Here, not so much.

We left Indiana in a flooding rainstorm, and then the miles started to rack up. I've found I'm pretty good at driving long distances and arriving intact. We drove to Denver, 1100 miles in thirty hours, AND we stopped to sleep and eat. Motel 6 gets points from me for being so freakin' cheep. Hot showers, cha cha cha.

Denver was homecoming... ahhhh, family. Kim and Sara and Tracy and her daughter Chelsea and FINALLY another kid for Moona to play with. Denver was all about snacks and beer... and the sweet familiarity of having a space among people who love me and I love... door is always open. My cousin Kim rocks it so hard...

And then back to Idaho. And three days camping in Pass Creek with Jon. Sigh. We found seeds and planted looksh, and harvested currants. Babbling brook (no shit!) mountains, cooking over the fire, sleeping beneath millions of stars, and that soul-wrenching deep connection that is pretty much a bitch-slap. And when I'm there I want to live there. Is there a theme happening yet?

Miles and miles of road, driving fast, excellent music (except for that Van Halen incident) and lovely phone conversations with Joel, who had my back during the trip. And pulling into Petaluma in the wee hours, home and weary. Today was weird, trying to figure out where I was. Orione and I reunited. A fight two hours later. Sigh.

I know there are reflections and perspective forthcoming, but not yet. It's just time for sleep and rest, because I leave in two days for Free Activist Witch Camp, a whole other level of intensity. I heart summer!