Friday, June 26, 2009

Tomorrow. Afire.

TCBing all day today. That's "Taking Care of Business." With interludes of in-depth socialization, laughter, grief, clear thoughts, and lots of phone time. Oh yeah, and $700 spent on the credit card to fix the car. And now the window works again! I sat in the parking lot of the glass place for at least five minutes, just opening and closing it, after it's been wasted for years after the Mission Street break-in of 2005.

So the car is almost packed. Such joy to develop a system, to think in this particular way, to be pragmatic and sensible. Gaffers tape seems like it might have been a gaffe. No sticking power, but perhaps I'm spoiled by the x-treme and raw power of duct tape. I think Iggy Pop should sing a song about it. And yes, I know it's cliche. I still love its silvery goodness. I put it under the seat, just in case. What's a "gaffer" anyway, and why do they need tape?

Type A mom that I am (ha), I also visited Long's Drugs to purchase road toys for the girlchild. Lots of journaling materials, one of those tilty spinny metal rack things with the disc that moves up and down when you wave it, and at the advice of my dear friend Rose, a "Polly Pockets" kit. Rose is a preschool teacher and has the inside line on what's hip with the under-six crowd. We'll see if Moona digs it. Rose also advised to "ration" the new toys, and not just hand her the entire bag. I love having friends who are preschool teachers. They just think about things in a completely different way.

One of the afore-mentioned phone conversations was with Jonnie. Who gave me directions. I love directions that end with "and now get out of the car, crawl through the gate, and walk the last half mile." This happens after I cross the Big Lost River. Whose name I love. Really love. Big. Lost. River. Totally makes me wonder how a river gets lost. Or maybe someone loved it, and lost it. Which happened to me last night. Hence the grief. Maybe someone loves it still. Maybe I will love it.

Orione phoned this afternoon, having safely arrived in the land of the Bulgars. Home with his Baba, he told me that "actually, it was a quite long flight." So intense watching baby number one walk away from me and through security at the airport yesterday. Wowzers. And he grew up when? Same kid who took a shower, got dressed, ate icecream, and had to completely redress yesterday? Wow oh Wow oh Wow.

So what remains is to sleep, and pack those remaining few things like toothbrush, technology and refrigerated goodies in the morning. Then go dance. Then get Ms. Moona, and off we go. Next stop, Nevada. I hope Joro will pour water for us, washing the road clear. Jai Ganesha, the road-opener. I know this is a big deal. I sense that it will alter the course of all that follows. I'm about to engage with my country, in a way that I haven't for many years. This open heart is what and where I must be.