Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Three days left, oh.

I don't know anyone who can be really efficient with kids running around. I like to be efficient. I like to be able to think about what comes next. I'm trying to be very thoughtful about the packing, space considerations and everything.

Today I cleaned out the car, which is the first step of any of my road trips. It is also a very time-consuming step, since typically my car is absolutely disgusting. Often that gets blamed on the children, but the truth is my car has always been pretty gross.

Also, the things that need to get fixed (window, brakes, transmission fluid, windshield wipers, etc.) are getting fixed in the next two days. It feels adult and responsible to be proactive here, and I'm wondering where this adult-like person came from.

We also paid a visit to Walmart, and bought a foam mattress for the trip. Now we can sleep in the car comfortably, without the bulk of the futon. While at Walmart, the customer in front of us had forgotten her wallet, and needed to return to the car. We stood waiting, and she returned and stood there beaming. Here's the conversation that ensued:

Walmart Male Clerk: "Don't you have the money?"
Customer: "I have plenty of money."
Walmart guy: "Are you gonna pay or what, then?"
Custy: "Oh, of course."
Walmart guy: "If you have so much money, why you shopping here?"
Customer: "Uhhh... I have enough money."

I love the conversations that happen around Walmart... I've collected several really strange ones over the years... maybe this is a good omen.

So, back to the deliberations.... Still deciding about taking the tent... Friday I'll make curtains from burlap (air permeable, privacy, bug-keepy-outty qualities) and we'll be set there. The roll of gaffer's tape I bought yesterday ($27 for a roll of effin tape!) should provide both the strength and the removable qualities needed, without the goo factor of duct tape.

Tomorrow I'll take some pictures of the process. Orione is leaving for Bulgaria tomorrow, and we both feel pretty sad about that. Kinda.